Our expert staff each have a different focus, comprising a wealth of experience for balancing one's life and creating equilibrium. 


Lizi Gambell is a Remedial Hypnotist, she enables her clients let go of beliefs and behaviours that no longer serve them in a direct, peaceful way.  She is creator of HYPNOTATTOO a new therapeutic tattoo technique.  She is a mother of two boys,  which she home educates and is a published author of The Unschooled Life, her family's story of  living an alternative life style.

Lizi's Mission:  To awaken people to their potentials and help them find their true natures through understanding of the Mind, Self, and Being.  Through breathing, meditation and hypnosis she facilitates her clients to unlock from their past and their limited beliefs.


Nicola, owner of MedelaHarmony.co.uk, manager of Lifeline Fitness and mum to thee young children.  Her path to wellbeing and mindfulness began many years ago as a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist (specialist in cleanses) both in the UK and USA where she discovered her passion for helping people obtain their goals and increase their self-esteem.  

Intrigued by the ever changing physical and mental energy levels of her clients she learnt the art of Reiki and became a Kundalini Reiki Master.  Helping people to heal and re-balance their energy centres (Chakras) .

Nicola then went on to focus on the mind.  To help clients to connect with their sub-conscious and remove and upgrade any unwanted patterns of  thought or habit. She believes in order to get through this life in a positive way, you must be balanced in mind , body and spirit.

Nicola's mission:  To teach people how to cleanse themselves through nutrition. To clear peoples mind, re-energise and balance their energy field and create a pure self-love and appreciation for their body. 


Charlotte Shaw from Top to Toe Fitness was qualified in Qatar.  Exercise became a huge part of her day to day life whilst living in the Middle East and decided she wanted to help people become healthier and fitter.  She trained as a Fitness Instructor and started teaching group classes and  kettle-bell groups.

Charlotte takes clients on a one to one basis where she provides dedicated fitness regimes tailored to their capabilities, which she carefully reviews and modifies as their fitness levels improves.




Charlottes Mission:  Helping people reach their goals and increase their fitness level.  To show people that with consistency and a positive attitude anything is possible.  As a single mum,  Charlotte knows how difficult it can be to find the time to workout and still fullfill your role as a parent.  That's why she fell in love with HiiT Training