A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step

BeBalanced Retreats are designed with Mind, Body and Energy balance in mind.  Each area of the day enables exploration of the key areas of life through different classes, experiences and ceremonies.

It is our mission to serve our guests with an inspirational break from their normal day to day life, give them a platform to learn something new about themselves and sow the seeds to a new beginning. Setting them on the path of finding their true purpose, and being.

We look for aesthetically beautiful natural spaces which have a healing energy.  The team chooses sites very carefully to ensure practical, spiritual and mindful expectations.  Outdoor and indoor spaces with a lot of character, luxury and charm.

Each retreat is unique, but all have a similar outline.  

There is always a mixture of physical activity, mindful exercises, energy balancing, spiritual ceremony and guided meditation.

Peaceful Candle and Flowers
Girl Relaxing
Reiki Treatment
Aerobics Class












We begin the day with a meet and greet, tea and healthy snacks. This gives us an opportunity to outline the event and introduce ourselves to you.


Walk and Workout follows, with the option of a run and more higher intensity exercise if you wanted. 


Back at the venue we can stretch out before enjoying a healthy smoothie or protein shake.


Mind Mapping/Conscious Crafting .

Lizi utilises a mindful approach to crafting. She will create a hands on learning experience where you will uncover how you use your subconscious beliefs to programme your life. You will gain an understanding into how the mind works and how to open up your belief systems to focus on what you want and how you feel about yourself today. 


Lunch is either a buffet or beautiful healthy, locally sourced food or a hearty cooked dhal or soup, depending on the time of year and venue.  We eat together and discuss the day and feelings so far.


Time out in nature is offered after lunch, as an opportunity to reflect and unwind in the natural surroundings.  Grounding and balancing in solace is an important part of growth and we see this time during the day as very important. 


After this reflection time we are back in the classroom to learn about "How The Hell Do I Change Then?"  This is a class on change.  How we can begin to upgrade to what we want and where we want to go, reducing victim states of mind and unveiling our personal strengths and understanding of self. 


A class is then offered as a way to balance the mind with the body, either through yoga or pilates.


Time to kick that afternoon slump with a high energy bliss ball or some fresh fruit. 


We finish our day off with a ceremony.  Each retreat is different. Gong Baths, Cacao Ceremony and Special guests,  but all will incorporate a guided meditation and the opportunity for you to completely surrender and let go of who you were when you arrived. This awakening to Being and this forgiveness of Self will bring everything we've experienced together.

5:00 till end

We say our goodbyes around either a campfire or a fireplace, depending on the time of year and just as our day ensured, there's no rush to dash off.  We encourage you to sit in peace and enjoy the flames and a chance to reflect once more.



At some of our venues there is the opportunity to stay the night.  Please enquire if interested for more information.

A Typical Day